Q: Why am I getting "invalid address error" message on ETH transaction broadcast attempt?

A: AtomicDEX uses ETH checksum verification: Thus, address input is case-sensitive.

Q: Why does MAX button set less amount than my total balance?

A: MAX amount = Total balance - txfee for 2 transactions - taker fee

Q: What is the minimum order size?

A: Minimal order size for any coin is 0.00777. For both sides of the order. 

Q:  Supported Address formats

A:  - Litecoin: Starts with "L"

      - Bitcoin: Starts with "1"

      - Bitcoin Cash: Starts with "1"

Q:  To manually update AtomicDEX on Android:

A:  Playstore -> Hamburger menu (in left - top corner ) -> My apps and games -> Installed -> find AtomicDEX and click update

Q: How to report failed/stuck/timed out swaps?

A: Use the form:

Q: How to get Test coins to swap?

A: Here's the faucet links:

  - RICK: 

  - Morty:

Q: How to check if you are invited to the AtomicDEX beta?

- Android : Visit while logged in with the email submitted to the team

- iOS : Check inbox of the email address submitted to the team .Find the "testflight invitation". Follow the instructions in that email.

Q: Why do I need to hold ETH to buy ETH/ERC20 tokens?
A: Your address needs to hold a small amount of ETH to pay GAS fees to the contract that initiates the swap.

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