How to Perform Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps Using atomicDEX Mobile


1. You need to have funds at least in 1 coin (find your address to send funds)

2. The coins you want to swap are activated (guide)

Note: atomicDEX Mobile is in beta testing phase. Don't use large funds for testing. It is advised to try RICK & MORTY test coin swaps first to get experienced on how this works. You can get coins for testing from the faucets


1. Click on "DEX" tab at the bottom of atomicDEX Mobile app. This will bring you to the DEX view. In DEX tab you can perform cross-chain atomic swap, view current orders and your swap history. You need to swipe left or right to view those.

2. First select the coin you wish to sell and enter your desired amount. Then, select the coin you want to receive for the swap. Amount will filled automatically based on the amount you want to sell. You will also see the best available rate based on the orders available. Once you are ready, click on the "TRADE" button.

3. On the next screen you will be shown details of the swap you are about to perform. Press the "CONFIRM" button to start the swap if you are happy with the details.

4. You will see which stage your current swap is in from this screen. You can stay on this page until the swap completes or go back to any other screen. The swap will continue to progress automatically.

5. Once your swap completes, you will see this screen (if you didn't go back from the swap status page).

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