Create New Address in Lite Mode with Verus Agama

After you have downloaded and installed the Verus version of Agama, here are some screenshots to help with creating a new address -

From the main window, select KMD from the Lite mode drop down menu 

Next, click on Create New Wallet

On the next screen, a seed phrase will be generated for you. Enter it under the Confirm Wallet Seed section (and back it up offline, on paper and/or USB).
Next Enter and confirm the Seed Encrypt Key (PIN). This is like a password, and is used to encrypt the wallet seed on your hard drive. It should be around 10 letters or numbers, and will be used to log in to the wallet later (its a bit easier to remember than the wallet seed).
The last bit is to set a custom pin name. This should be a single word, and is used like a username when you log in to the wallet later. A custom PIN file name allow you to save multiple addresses in Agama.


Next, click register to complete the wallet registration. You will be returned to the login page. Now you can enter your PIN password, and click Sign In  to open your new address.

Your new address will be visible at the top of the screen above the Komodo logo


If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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