Creating a New Address via Command Line Interface (CLI) in Windows

If you have already installed Agama, the Komodo daemon binary will be located in 

C:\Program Files\AgamaApp\resources\app\assets\bin\win64

Alternatively, follow this guide - How to Install Agama on Windows using Command Line 

Make sure Agama is closed, and then optionally backup your wallet.dat file. It will be located in 


Now open a command prompt window.

Navigate to the daemon folder by typing

cd \Program Files\AgamaApp\resources\app\assets\bin\win64

and type 


 to run the Komodo daemon

Open a second Command Prompt window, and navigate to the same folder with

cd \Program Files\AgamaApp\resources\app\assets\bin\win64

Now we can use 


 to send commands to the daemon.

The command to generate a new address is getnewaddress.


komodo-cli getnewaddress

in the command prompt window. This will return a fresh R-address.

Next type 

komodo-cli dumpprivkey <enter your new address here>


This will return the private key for your new address.

Store it securely offline!

Now you can send funds to the new address.

It is stored in the wallet.dat file, which can be used in Native mode. 

If you are interested in using other CLI commmands, check the Komodo API documentation.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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