Install Komodo Ocean Wallet on Windows

System requirements

  • Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit) based PC.
  • At least 4 Gb of free RAM (8 or 16 Gb physical RAM recommended).
  • About ~10-15 Gb of storage space to sync full blockchain (SSD drive is recommended)

Komodo Ocean is a native wallet for storing, sending and receiving Komodo and Komodo asset-chain funds, developed by ip-gpu and Komodo team member Decker.

NOTE: This guide explains the process of installing using pre-built binaries. 

If you'd like to build Komodo Ocean from source, follow the README guide at

To install the latest release, download the 7z archive from the github repository at

Next, extract the archive into its own folder. NOTE: To extract the 7z archive, you might need to install Winrar

If you have not previously installed Agama or Komodo Ocean, before launching you will need to create a komodo.conf file and download the Zcash parameters. 

If you have data from an older Agama or Komodo Ocean installation, the Komodo Ocean wallet will use the existing wallet.dat, Zcash parameters and user data files (you can skip ahead to the next section).

First, you need to create a configuration file called komodo.conf in the  %APPDATA%\Komodo folder

Using your preferred text editor, create a new text file and enter the following information


Then save this file as komodo.conf in the %appdata%/Komodo folder (you may need to create this folder).

Next, create the %APPDATA%\ZcashParams folder, and download the following files into it:


Alternatively, you can use the fetch-params.cmd batch file in the folder you extracted Komodo Ocean into to download the Zcash parameters automatically.

Once the Zcash parameters have finished downloading, go to the folder you just extracted the Komodo Ocean in to, and double click KomodoOceanGUI.exe to launch the Komodo Ocean Wallet.

You may need to wait a few hours for the wallet to sync before you can send funds. The sync progress is displayed as a progress bar in the Komodo Ocean wallet.

Once sync has completed, you will be able to use the wallet.

WARNING: Komodo Ocean is under development, and currently in pre-release. Do not use it for mining, merchant applications, or storing large value of funds. It is a 3rd Party application - please report any issues to the developers through Githubor join the Komodo Discord to ask the community.

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