Why am I not seeing the same Address when I login?

NOTE: It is highly recommended to backup your wallet.dat, private keys and wallet seed to have multiple options of account recovery.

Agama Native Mode and Agama Lite Mode will generally show a different addresses  (unless you use a Native Mode private key to log in to Lite mode, or import your Lite mode address into Native mode).

If you don't see your expected address in Lite mode, you can

  • log in to Native mode to see if it holds your expected address.
  • log in to Lite mode with your Pin file and password
  • log in to Lite mode with your private key
  • double check your wallet seed is being entered correctly. The wallet will show an indicator in green that says "Iguana (256 bits)" if the seed phrase you have entered is valid.

Agama Lite mode will also show a different address if the wallet seed was entered incorrectly. This is commonly due to -

  • Hidden white space such as a space or newline added when copy/pasting the wallet seed from certain text file applications (e.g. "words with space at end  " is not the same as "words with no space at end".
  • Capitalization of letters / words in the wallet seed (e.g. "This" is not the same as "this").
  • Common misspellings of words in the wallet seed (e.g. "there" is not the same as   "their").
  • British versus American spelling (e.g. "color" is not the same as "colour")

Below is an example of similar seeds (text between the quote "" marks) and the different addresses they generate - 

  • "this color goes there"      =    RDS6F8aXi7q3FUHgdaSD3svjn4womvpNB9
  • "this color goes there "     =    RM1uusFsboEVLKgH3yg4tYuPNYwEBmWCbF
  • " this color goes there"     =    RQ1irA6mHrLW5aUAf74yZxYLUarT1Mgrma
  • "This color goes there"      =    RVfyQrsSANMZHPeLFEeYbL8gcDAZvpruBk
  • "This colour goes there"     =    RTKfVmyjDktMTi3gmzFxWcXuf9TDXEYTDz
  • "This colour goes thier"     =    RLVn7vkhBibbkpkFSt26ic9Zw8EQ6FsaHG

You can also use the Seed to key Pair Tool to test variations of your seed until it leads to the expected address.

Best practices

  • Save your seed in Notepad instead of Word doc to avoid additional  spaces

  • Carefully write your seed on paper and double check spelling

  • Save the private key of of your address to have a secondary restoration option.

  • Save the QR code (wallet seed encoded in barcode) and store it somewhere safe.

  • In Native Mode, change from transactions can be returned to a change address. After sending a transaction, confirm the addresses holding your funds and make you back up the wallet.dat and the private keys for all funded address. Alternatively sending all funds in the Native wallet to one address of which you have saved the private key.

For more details check out the How to Secure your Wallet guide

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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