Agama's App Configuration Menu (config.json)

There are numerous advanced configuration options for Agama, including enabling experimental features for testing, available in Agama's App config menu.

  • To access the App config menu, first log in to Agama, then click on the 3 lines (hamburger menu) in the top right corner, and select Settings.

  • Click on App Config (config.json) to expand the configuration options.

The App config menu has three sections - Global options, Native mode options and Lite mode options (in order from top to bottom). Hover your mouse over the blue question mark icons to see a description of each option.

NOTE: Any change to the settings needs to be applied by clicking the Save app config button at the bottom of the menu, and Agama will need to be shut down and then restarted for changes to take effect.

Global options

Lite Mode

  • Max tx inputs parse limit - Used for Simple Payment Verification (SPV). Lower values returns balance faster, higher values more accurate. 
  • Cache transactions data to disk - Toggle on/off to store transaction data returned from SPV locally.
  • Current cache size - Shows space currently used to store SPV transaction data, and a button to clear the cache.
  • Use proxy - Toggle on/off specialised electrum proxy service
  • Socket timeout - Set timeout in milliseconds for attempting electrum server access
  • Custom electrum servers list - Toggle on/off use of custom electrum server IPs
  • Sync electrum servers from list from KV - Toggle on/off updating of electrum servers from Key Value (KV) data stored on chain. Click the button below this option to download the KV electrum servers list.  Warning: Highly experimental!
  • Allow custom fees - Toggle on/off to set higher or lower transaction fees. Higher fees will prioritise your transaction, lower fees risk your transaction being stuck on chain for extended periods.
  • Max transactions history count - Set recent transaction history depth to download from SPV and display in the wallet.
  • CSV Export max transacations history count - Sets recent transaction depth to download from SPV when exporting transactions to a CSV file.

Native Mode

  • Disable RPC - Toggle on/off to use CLI instead of RPC  json.
  • CLI stop timeout - Set time in milliseconds to wait before sending CLI stop command again.
  • Failed RPC connection attempts threshold - Set number of attempts to connect to the RPC before showing warning that native daemon is inactive.
  • Stop native daemons on app quit - Toggle on/off allowing daemon to stop or continue running in the background after quitting Agama.
  • Komodo data directory - Set a custom folder to store Komodo blockchain and associated data.
  • Max transactions history count - Set recent transaction depth displayed in the wallet.
  • CSV export max transactions history count - Set recent transaction depth for export to a CSV file.
  • Fetch received z transactions (z_listrecievedbyaddress) - Toggle on/off display of private transactions. NOTE: Can potentially cause issues on weak systems.
  • Clear runtime z transactions automatically - Toggle on/off to enhance privacy of transactions by removing breadcrumb data generated during runtime
  • Enable shield coinbase button - Toggle on/off to receive mined block reward payments in to a private address.
  • Pubkey - Sets the input pubkey as a daemon launch parameter (used for advanced Komodo features like  smartaddresses)

            You can Reset the App config settings at any time by using the Reset to default button at the bottom of the menu.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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