There is lots of information and many features of the Agama wallet accessible through the Settings Menu. 

To access the Settings menu, log in to Agama, click on the 3 lines (hamburger menu) in the top right corner, and select Settings

Each of the sections of the Settings menu can be expanded by clicking it.

Here is a brief summary of each section, along with links to available guides for more details.

Debug - Access debug.log file messages for any native coin running in your wallet.

Komodod stdout - Access the Komodo daemon's standard output stream messages.

App Config (config.json) - Access a list of advanced settings to enable or disable various optional / experimental features.

App Info - Shows Agama version, system information, location of cache / config / data folders, and deamon port numbers.

Encrypt Seed - Shows location of Pin files (encrypted wallet seeds), and lets you change existing Pin file names / passwords. Also allows creation of additional Pin files by encrypting a wallet seed wth a password.

Wallet.dat keys - Shows the public / private key pairs of your wallets address pool (filtered by key pattern).

BIP39 Keys - Allows searching for a public key from a range of key path combinations.

Clear native coin data dir - Will wipe all native coin data. Backup your wallet.dat and private keys first!

CLI - Allows access to the Komodo API's command line interface (cli) calls.

Address book - Allows you to store addresses linked to a name or description.


If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.