Currently Agama mobile version gives you the feature for you to secure your transactions by adding a pin that needs to be typed each time you want to send a transaction. 

You need to save this feature in "Settings" and move the button to the right side and saving as shown below.

This option helps prevent a mistake and gives an extra layer of security for your funds. Once activated, this feature you will see the screen below each time you try to send a transaction.

 After entering the correct PIN, you will be able to submit the transaction.

There is also an option to lock your wallet automatically after a set time period. Below is a screenshot of the 3 options available.

Even though you have a pin to enter the wallet and to make transactions, you should always keep a written copy of the key in a safe place. 

The pin is a new security feature, but your seed holds the private keys for all of the coins in your wallet. If your cellphone gets lost, broken or stolen, you will need your seed phrase to regain access to your funds.