Did your chain get stuck?

Before doing a resync from scratch, shut down Agama wallet as described in this guide and then start it again by doing a reindexing of the blocks as showed here

If the chain keeps being stuck, proceed as shown below.

If your blocks are stuck because of an update like the new Sapling update make the CLI command.

For KMD only :

reconsiderblock 041e91b2e1e5c4318877e5309267fe177816de762638b0a6fd05dbb3c3ee9ef9 

And click Execute.

Block activation for sapling is 1140409.

Forked Chain ?

In other scenario if you have forked out of the main net you will need first to confirm this by using the command .


Let's suppose that we have forked our chain. In this scenario you have to follow 2 steps:

First get the forked height hash. This is the height of the first block that was forked.

You will see it as the example below. 

Get the correct blockhash of the first forked block and do the following command.

invalidateblock <blockhash of forkheight of the fork chain>

Now you need to use the command reconsiderblock with the correct mainchain blockhash at the height of the Forkedheight that you found out in the previous step.

reconsiderblock <blockhash of mainchain at forkheight>

If none of the previous guides above helped, make a resync as showed in this guide.

If you still have an issue, please submit a ticket or come to our Discord and we will help you as fast as we can.