Perform Z Transactions Using Agama


Step 1: Open Agama in native mode and select a z-transaction enabled assetchain like PIRATE.

Step 2: Wait for your wallet to activate best chain and finish syncing any remaining blocks. Then, click on Send button.

Step 3. Select the Source z-address (using the dropdown menu) you want to send from, the destination z-address to send to, and the amount to send. 

Step 4: Verify the details and click Confirm button

Step 6: Agama will display Transaction Result. Scroll down to see the Operation Status section. Don't close Agama when the transaction is executing.

Step 7: You will see Success in green under Status. Copy the transaction ID to review on the block explorer, such as

Note: For privacy, z-transaction details on the block explorer do not display the value or source of the funds being sent, but the time of the transaction and number of confirmations is viewable.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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