How to Retrieve KMD Private Key from a Ledger Nano S Using Agama

This guide is only to be used with an offline computer which never connects to internet. Do not use this method in an online computer, as this will risk exposing your private key.


  1. Offline computer with no internet connection at all
  2. Agama latest version
  3. USB Drive or any other media (to copy the downloaded Agama file into the offline computer)
  4. Ledger Nano S 24 words Recovery Phrase
  5. The Komodo address(es) inside Ledger Nano S that contains funds

You can also use BIP39 tool instead of Agama. Remember to use it in an offline computer.


1. Download the  Agama latest version and copy it to your your offline computer using an USB drive

2. Extract and run Agama

3. Load Agama and click on Quick Access, then select Settings

4. Click on BIP39 Keys Button

5. Enter your 24 words Ledger Recovery Phrase and the Komodo address that contains funds

6. Click on the eye icon to make your 24 words phrase visible to make sure you have typed or copied correctly (replacing an word or space will make the phrase incorrect and you will not be able to get privkey)

7. After you verify Ledger Recovery Phrase and address matches, click on Get key button. Your public address and private key will be listed below the button (if you have multiple addresses with funds in them, follow the same processes by entering the address in the address box and  click Get key)

Copy the WIF key(s) (private key) in a text editor and use it.

Ways to use your WIF Key otherwise known as Private Key

Secure way:

  • You can use the privkey on that offline computer to sign any transaction offline securely and broadcast the transaction using an online computer. Check the guide on how to Sign transaction offline using Agama and follow the instructions. Never use the WIF key in an online computer, you risk exposing the key.

Non-secure secure:

./komodo-cli importprivkey Us8qWSTfP6u1goQpGrwkgFgT9VD9nbqdvbSA5idm2F45DNbtE21G

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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