Sign Transactions Offline and Broadcast Online Using Agama


  • 2 Computers (1 online and 1 offline)
  • Funds in your wallet
  • Passphrase / WIF / Private Key
  • Sending address
  • Receiving address

Simple Instructions

It's a 3 step procedure: create, sign & push
Push is limited to electrum only for now. Don't use for BTC, as txfee will mismatch and may not work. Don't use z address, private transactions will not work.

Quick steps:

  1. Offline signing create -> fill out the form, click on generate, copy output from text area
  2. Sign transaction -> paste output from (1) into raw transaction area, choose a coin and provide seed/wif, copy signed raw tx
  3. Push tx -> paste output from (2), choose a coin and click on Push

Detailed Instructions

First Step: Offline signing create

To be used in a computer with internet connection. i.e.: Online Computer

1. Start Agama, and select Tools from the Quick Access menu

2. Click on Offline signing create

3. Fill up the form with accurate information

4. Copy the Unsigned tx in a USB drive to transfer to your offline computer

Second Step: Sign Transaction

To be used in Offline Computer

1. Click on Sign transaction button from the Tools menu

2. Fill out the form with Coin name, Unsigned tx info from your online computer and click on Verify data button

3. Verify the data and click Confirm button to get signed transaction data

4. Copy the signed transaction data to be broadcaster using an online computer

Third Step: Broadcast the signed transaction

This step to be used in the Online Computer

1. Click on Push transaction button from the Tools menu (works using electrum mode)

2. Select your coin, enter the signed transaction HEX data you got from your offline computer and click on Push button

3. Get the confirmation and txid

4. View transaction information in explorer

Hope you enjoyed the guide.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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