Below is a brief explanation of some of the specifications of the VOTE token and how the process of voting will take place.


  • In order to create a voting mechanism Komodo created a special parallel chain named VOTE2018. The creation of the parallel chain has been completed and it's only awaiting distribution.
  • On the 18 of March at 9 p.m. UTC, we will make snapshot of all KMD weight on all addresses.
  • In order to receive your VOTE2018 tokens you must have KMD in a wallet that you control. i.e. A wallet were you own the privatekeys.
  • Shortly after snapshot we will distribute VOTE2018 tokens to the same addresses on 1:1 basis. i.e. If you have 1 KMD, you will receive 1 VOTE2018 coin.
  • After the distribution (March 19th-April 1st) VOTE2018 owners can vote fo their favorite candidate by sending VOTE2018 tokens to their respective public address. Option one will be the “voting” section in Agama wallet. There will be just 4 fields for Komodo addresses and Agama will send the VOTE in a ratio of 25% of the balance to each of your elected candidates.
  • Selling VOTEs on BarterDEX is not allowed and candidates caught trying to cheat the system can be disqualified.
  • On April 1st after the votes are tallied, we will announce winners using the VOTE explorer. The 30 most rich wallets will be the new notaries for next year.

Wallet Instructions:

  • After the coins are distributed you can access them by using your Komodo privatekeys or seed to log into the Agama VOTE2018 Lite mode.


  • Instructions for Voters: VOTE coins feature zero knowledge proofs and share the same level of privacy as Komodo. Users will be allowed to vote with z-transactions. This protects the voters identity. In order to vote privately you must select your candidate's zaddress and send the amount of VOTEs.
  • Instructions for Candidates: You should create a zaddress for each respective region and share it in your proposal. If users VOTE via z-transactions you must send the VOTE tokens back into you node's public address. This can be accomplished by using Native mode.

Notary Candidates


  • Notary proposal with one address per region. i.e. I am running for the European region and I will generate one Komodo notary address for EU.
  • Experience with the Komodo daemon
  • Experience with Komodo assetchains
  • Experience with network security
  • Community votes
  • One Notary candidate can have up to 4 nodes, one in each of the 4 regions. Each region should have its own Raddress (KMD address) & pubkey in his announcement for VOTErs to send VOTEs. Redistribution received VOTEs is not recommended and prohibited.
  • Notary node candidates do promote themselves and their respective public addresses of their candidate node. The address needs to match pubkey they will use to be notary for the next year if they win.
  • After 2 weeks exactly we will announce winners using the VOTE explorer. The 30 most rich wallets will be the new notaries for next year.
  • The total number of notaries is 64. Of those nodes, 4 are dev notaries. 30 nodes were re-elected based on performance (total notarization). 30 spots are available for elections.
  • There are no centralized list of candidates maintained or promoted by the Komodo team; some community members have created their own lists in order to make it easy for VOTErs to find the information and proposal. Being added to said lists is not mandatory and they are not created/maintained by the Komodo team. They are third party lists.

General Questions

  1. How much Komodo is required to become a notary node operator?
    1. You don't need any particular amount. Anyone can become a notary node operator as long as they have the technical ability to run the node and the community elects them.
  2. Do I need to have servers before the elections?
    1. Servers are required beforehand if you want to run testnet. By participating testnet you can show everyone that you can operate and manage Notary Node. However, your notary addresses should have been made known to Kolo on Discord after the election.
  3. Where do notaries promote themselves?
    1. There are no centralized promotional websites for notaries. Each participant will have to create a GitHub profile and make put their proposal in VOTE20XX repo.

Below are the resources to become a notary candidate