What is Jumblr?

A decentralized zk-snark coin-agnostic tumbler built into the Komodo Platform ecosystem. Jumblr leverages Komodo’s anonymous features to provide a service that is much more efficient than its centralized counterparts and does not require the users to trust any entity with their coins. 

Installation Steps:

1- Follow Linux installation guide

2- Start Komodo daemon

cd komodo/src

./komodod &

3- Designate an address with funds. (jumblr_deposit)

(The funds within the specified address will go through Jumblr. 10 coins is the minimum plus the Jumblr fee which is 1/777 of the transaction. Therefore you should deposit 10.024 KMD)

./komodo-cli jumblr_deposit "KMD Address with Funds"


./komodo-cli jumblr_deposit RT4mSUjG35QeuGcedsfpHtP5MhDeEGTAqb

4- Designate an address to deposit Jumblr'ed funds. (jumblr_secret)

(Now that the Jumblr process has started, you should wait at least 20 minutes before this step. We want to designate an address non-related to your wallet where you will receive the Jumblr'ed funds.)

./komodo-cli jumblr_secret "Address where clean funds will go"


./komodo-cli jumblr_secret RS46GZ5iTkt2exdauQG3JJ8fdnZNJUvAc1


5- Wait for funds to arrive.....and you have successfully tumbled coins with zcash privacy!


Jumblr is created to be resistant against time-based analysis. That's means it is not meant to be fast. Make sure you begin Jumblr if you have plenty of time for the process to finish.