Rebuild Komodo Daemon (Linux) After Update

When an important update is implemented such as a notary node election, code fixes, or feature additions all miners must update in order to avoid forking or mining orphaned blocks. The process is similar to the installation process with the exception that there will be no need to resync the blockchain unless specified by the developers.

REMEMBER: Secure your wallet.dat, seed phrase and/or private keys first

Update the to Latest Komodo Daemon

cd ~

git clone

cd komodo

git checkout master

git pull


 Remove Old Data

cd ~ ; cd .komodo

rm -rf blocks chainstate database komodostate*

Restart Komodo Daemon

cd ~

cd komodo/src

./komodod -daemon

Wait for Komodo Daemon to Sync

This will take a few hours. To check progress,  use the command below in a different terminal window.

tail -f ~/.komodo/debug.log

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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