The easiest way to participate in the Blocnation crowdfund is through the webapp. Please follow the instructions below to create your wallet and participate:

  • Once you've logged in, you can now generate the deposit address of your chosen coin (BTC, KMD, or ETH)

  • After you've generated your deposit address, send the amount of funds you wish to participate with to your deposit address displayed.

  •  Deposits are updated to display in the webapp periodically, so you may need to wait some time before the deposit shows up. However feel free to check your transaction on the Komodo block explorer to see that your funds have arrived safely.

  • After your funds have been received Navigate to the "dICO' tab at the top of the screen. Here is where you will paste your BNTN address and click "paticipate in dICO" to initiate your swap.

IMPORTANT: Atomic swaps executed through the webapp will occur in batches. After you have clicked "Participate in dICO" your BNTN will be reflected in your wallet in a period of 4-6 hours but can take up to 24 hours depending on the volume of users and when the atomic swap is triggered.

  • Finally once your BNTN is reflected in the webapp (in the dICO tab), you can move funds to your Agama wallet.

  • Instructions for creating Blocnation in Agama Wallet.