A majority of supported coins (including KMD, BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens and more) are able to be used in Agama Lite (SPV) mode (except PIRATE or other native only coins) using your wallet seed, private key (WIF) or Pin file.


  • Latest Agama - download from here
  • Your Wallet seed, Pin file & pasword, or Private key (WIF)

Step-by-step guide

  • Open Agama and click on Activate Coin

  • Select your coin, select Lite mode then click on Activate Coin

  • If logging in with a Pin file, enter the password into the box on the right and click Sign in

  • Alternatively, if you are logging in with your Wallet Seed or Private key (WIF), enter it in the lower box and then click on Sign in button. 
  • Remember: Same seed will always display same address for all coins. If you see different address, that indicates wrong seed phrase. Check spelling, capitalization and hidden extra spaces at the beginning or end.

  • You can add other coins by using the Activate coin button at the top-right corner. 

  • Select another coin from the list, select a launch mode, and click Activate coin

  • Your account is now ready to use! It's a good idea to export your private key and either write it down or save it to a USB stick and store it somewhere safe.

To backup your pin file, navigate to the folder for your operating system as listed below

  • Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Agama/shepherd/pin
  • Windows:  %appdata%/Agama/shepherd/pin
  • Linux ~/.agama/shepherd/pin/

Note: The folders above might be hidden. Below are some links to unhide folders depending on operating system -

  • To use the same account on a different computer, you can also copy your pin file to one of the above folders.
  • Always save a copy of your seed and store your pin file safely. This provides you various ways of restoring your wallet.

    If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.