This solution is only recommended to be used once you have backed up your wallet.dat file. 

Do not use this solution if you are not an experienced user in handling your chain main folder.

The bootstrap option could save you a lot of time trying to sync the chain in your machine compared to if you tried doing it the normal way.

This archive is generated every 24 hours roughly.

You will first need to download the bootstrap file shared in this link.

After you do this procedure you will need to locate the files inside your Komodo folder. This can be done by unpacking the files inside the coin directory that you have chosen in this case Komodo main folder. Here is an example.

cd ~/.komodo

tar zxf /path/to/KMD-bootstrap.tar.gz

After this launch Komodo.

The Komodo directory is the folder that stores your wallet.dat file. Here is the location of this folder. 

Linux: ~/.komodo

macOS/OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo

Windows: %APPDATA%/Komodo

You need to unpack the files in this folder and if you have these files already inside of this folder you will need to replace them and only leave your walle,dat file untouched.

Do not do this in any way while Agama is turned on!