Agama has some basic functionalities that any user or super user should know before they use the wallet.The first thing that you will see when entering are the tabs that will let you navigate into each function of the wallet.

The first thing that you should notice is your wallet address. It displays next to the term "My Kmd Address" you need to write down this address as well as your seed if you are using the lite version of the wallet.

At the right top corner of the wallet you will see the option Activate Coin. This option lets you launch another coin in their native or Lite mode version at the same time while you have other coins displayed inside the wallet.

While you are inside of this start screen inside your wallet you will be able to see your transactions history if you have any received and sent transactions they should display down the arrow as showed in the screen.

To the right section of the wallet you will see the send and receive tabs each one of them will take you to function that you need to perform with the wallet at that moment.