If you are using Komodo or any assetchain in native mode, you have a file called wallet.dat in your computer for each coin which keeps all your addresses and their private keys. It is always a best practice to keep a backup of your wallet.dat and/or privkeys regularly.

This guide is intended for Komodo CLI, Agama desktop, KomodoOceanQT and Komodo based native wallet users.

[Important: In order to avoid having corrupted wallet.dat file,  make sure to stop your native wallet daemon before taking a backup.]

Location of Komodo wallet.dat

Depending on your OS the location of wallet.dat file varies. The following is the default location for Komodo wallet.dat

Linux: ~/.komodo

macOS/OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo

Windows: %APPDATA%/Komodo

Location of Komodo based Assetchain wallet.dat

Assetchains has their own directory at the same location as Komodo wallet.dat. i.e.: REVS. Below are the locations where you will find the wallet.dat file for REVS chain. (Change REVS to your desired chain to find the wallet.dat file for that chain.)

Linux: ~/.komodo/REVS

macOS/OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Komodo/REVS

Windows: %APPDATA%/Komodo/REVS

Backup wallet.dat

To backup your wallet.dat, simply navigate to the location described above based on your OS and copy + paste the file in a location where you would like it to be backed up. Having a backup in a separate USB or CD is a good practice as well.

Note: A backup should be taken whenever you send a new transaction. If you use native mode for Komodo, and send outgoing transactions it is possible the change might end up in a new address which is stored in wallet.dat file. So, it is safer practice to keep a backup of the wallet.dat file.

Restore wallet.dat

To restore your backed up wallet.dat file, simply copy the wallet.dat over an existing one in the Komodo or Assetchain data location.