Purpose of the coin

Jumblr starts by taking your Bitcoins and exchanging them for Komodo through an atomic cross-blockchain swap. Once the BTC has been exchanged for KMD, an anonymous transaction (protected by zero knowledge proofs) is made. This transaction will cut off any links to the BTC that came into Jumblr. Now, KMD is exchanged back into BTC through the same atomic cross-blockchain swap method. This process is automated and doesn’t required a third-party entity to hold any funds. Since the process involves BTC being exchanged for KMD, it’s impossible to trace where that KMD goes on the Bitcoin blockchain and even if you examine the Komodo blockchain afterwards, anonymous transactions are protected by zk-snarks and cannot be viewed by anyone else. Not only is Jumblr completely untraceable, it is also cheaper. The average fee for a Jumblr transaction is 0.3%, which is only a fraction of what a Bitcoin mixer usually charges.

Coin Information

Coin Ticker: JUMBLR

Coin Name: JUMBLR

rpcport: 15106

pubtype: 60

taddr: RANyPgfZZLhSjQB9jrzztSw66zMMYDZuxQ

p2shtype: 85

wiftype: 188

txfee: 1000

active: 1

Additional Parameters


SUPPLYOFCOINS determines the total supply of coins that your new asset chain will contain. This number should be entered as a whole number with no decimal places or commas.


ac_reward is the parameter to establish the block reward for the assetchain. It needs to be represented in satoshis, so if you want a block reward of 100 coins the satoshi expression looks like: 1000000000.


"Endheight" refers to the number of blocks that will have reward. If -ac_end=100000, -ac_reward will go down to 0 from block 100001 and on. If no -ac_reward is set but a -ac_end does, the reward will be 0.0001 until endheight is reached.


if -ac_halving=<halvingperiod> is set, then every <halvingperiod> blocks the block reward is reduced according to one of three methods: