Purpose of the coin:

COQUÍ Cash is a community driven cryptocurrency that wants to expand the horizons of blockchain technology education in Puerto Rico through creative and decentralized economic ideas, so that together people can forge a new path of open sourced community led development in the Island.

Coin Information

Coin Ticker: COQUI

Coin Name: Coqui Cash

rpcport: 14276

pubtype: 60

taddr: RV8svo9eWrYtmEVQwz4FfX5y9fHTwkG54T

p2shtype: 85

wiftype: 188

txfee: 1000

active: 1

Additional Parameters


SUPPLYOFCOINS determines the total supply of coins that your new asset chain will contain. This number should be entered as a whole number with no decimal places or commas.


ac_reward is the parameter to establish the block reward for the assetchain. It needs to be represented in satoshis, so if you want a block reward of 100 coins the satoshi expression looks like: 1000000000.


"Endheight" refers to the number of blocks that will have reward. If -ac_end=100000, -ac_reward will go down to 0 from block 100001 and on. If no -ac_reward is set but a -ac_end does, the reward will be 0.0001 until endheight is reached.


if -ac_halving=<halvingperiod> is set, then every <halvingperiod> blocks the block reward is reduced according to one of three methods: