The wallet is not starting to synch and it's preseting an error message displaying  KMD STDOUT.

This type of error can happen for a number of reasons, from closing the wallet in an incorrect way to also having an old version of the wallet.

Example of the error:



  • Save your wallet.dat file in a safe space in your computer or external device.
  • take backup of komodo userdata folder, somewhere In safe place.( Please refer below for Default location)
  • Navigate to the Komodo User data directory and delete blocks,  chainstate, database, komodo.conf  and Komodostate. 
  • Download latest version of Agama start the installation wizard and select "Reinstall current version". 
  • Wait for synchronization

Default Komodo Userdata location of wallet.dat:

  • Windows :  %appdata%\Komodo
  • Linux       :   ~/.komodo
  • Mac         :   ~/Library/Application \Support/Komodo

  • For All other Komodo Asset chains: Example : BEER coin

  • Windows :  %appdata%\Komodo\BEER
  • Linux       :   ~/.komodo/BEER
  • Mac         :   ~/Library/Application \Support/Komodo/BEER

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.