Problem: If your Agama wallet takes longer than 20 minutes to activate the best chain and load blocks, you could have some corruption in the database.

Solution: To clean out the Komodo folder and only leave wallet.dat, komodo.conf, and assetchains directory. Afterwards you need to resync.

Step by Step Instructions (Command Line) : --

  1. Open the terminal 

    (Stop Agama or the Komodo deamon if it is running)

  2. Navigate to the Komodo hidden directory "Library/Application\ Support/Komodo" by typing.
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo


3. Backup your wallet.dat file to your Desktop:

cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo/wallet.dat ~/Desktop/

 (now you have a copy of your wallet.dat on your desktop. Copy/paste it in a secure folder. It holds all your privatekeys.)


4. Delete below mentioned items except komodo.conf ,wallet.dat and assetchain directories.

sudo rm -rf blocks fee_estimates.dat realtime chainstate signedmasksdatabase db.log komodostate debug.log peers.dat