In this guide, we will do a quick overview on how to use QT Wallet for Komodo.

First, you will need to download the QT Wallet from Github. : The wallet will come in a 7z zip format. We will recommend opening it with Winrar.

The first thing you will notice once you open the program will be the synchronization window as shown below.

After the wallet finishes loading the best chain, you should be able to see the main tabs of the wallet.

Your wallet will be fully synchronized once you see a check mark symbol in the bottom right corner as shown above. The QT wallet will load the chain uop to 50% faster than the native Agama wallet.

Here is an overview of each tab with a little explanation for QT wallet new users.

Receive Tab 

By selecting the Request payment option you will get one of the receiving addresses in your wallet as showed above. You can label and declare the amount that you are requesting to receive through a message that is called URI ( as shown below)

You will get a URI as shown here.

Remember that once you receive a transaction it will be reflected on the Spendable Column, not in the Watch Only column.

Send Payment Tab

In this tab, you have the option to send your transactions and save in favorites your known KMD addresses.

Transactions Tab

The transactions tab displays all of the transactions that are passing through the network as a watch only addresses and you will also see your spendable and own transactions in it.

Each one of the tabs and their features will be fully explained and detailed in the following guides for the QT version of the Komodo wallet.