KMD accrues 5% rewards per annum if your address has more than 10 KMD. To gain the maximum benefit of this feature, your reward must be claimed atleast once per year, as you will stop accruing the rewards after that. Agama makes it very simple to claim reward.

Video Guide

Step-by-step guide

  • Open Agama
  • Login and navigate to the Transactions Tab

  • If you have a reward claimable by your address, you will see the Claim now button

  • When you want to claim your Reward, click Claim now and you will be taken to a screen, that shows the UTXOs you have, their Locktimes and the reward accrued on each of them. 

  • Click Claim KMD rewards now and you will be taken to the transactions tab again and a notification about sending the entire balance to yourself will be shown.

  • Wait for a few confirmations for the Balance to update and refresh wallet if necessary after a few minutes.

  • You have now claimed your Active User Reward.

After KMD block 1 Million, the amount of time before the rewards stop accruing is 1 month. But the annual reward becomes 5.1% instead of the previous 5%. To learn more about the changes that happen to the KMD blockchain at 1 Million block height, see:

KMD is a unique type of Proof-of-Stake that does not require you to have a wallet online to accrue rewards. Instead it's a zero-footprint POS. To claim reward you simply have to spend an input. If someone sends you 100 KMD in one transaction and 1 year later you wish to claim the 5% reward, all you need to do is send your balance to yourself. This is the action that the claim button automates. The latter resets the utxo and it will materialize your reward into the spendable balance.