Common wallet Issues

Balance not visible in Lite Mode

This may be due to entering an incorrect seed or private key, or a compromised account. Follow this guide for details.

If your funds have been moved by an unauthorized transaction, we are unable to retrieve the funds but please contact support so we can record the destination address and investigate the breach.

Unexpected address after login

This may be due to entering an incorrect seed or private key. Follow this guide for details.

Transactions are being rejected by the network rules :  Can't Broadcast transaction

 This happens due to your computer's clock being out of sync. You may have set your clock time incorrectly according to local Timezone. Fixing Clock Time Error Guide


When sending z-transactions we get this error. Please help to rescan your wallet. This will fix issue.

When working on private transactions(z-transactions),  If you want send funds in larger amounts it fails to merge smaller zutxos which are there in your wallet. To overcome this, you need send funds in smaller amounts. 

Agama Stuck on Activating Best chain


Problem downloading Z-cash params


If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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