Why am not seeing same Address In Lite wallet when I login?

Possible case, you might have keyed in a wrong seed into agama Lite Mode, try to reverify the  seed with your saved notes. This is common human error.

Best practice on handling wallet usage Issues

  •  Save your seed in Notepad instead of word doc to avoid additional  spaces

  •  Upon seed generation, generate a  private key  using your seed or pin  to be safe and avoid loosing control over your funds.

  •  Save QR code (based in the seed)  and store it somewhere safe.

  •  Make sure all you funds are in your KMD address and precautions by taking the copy of the private key for this specific address.Also  try sending all the funds to one address you control after performing transactions if you are using native mode.

Wrong Seed giving an unknown address ? Here is a visual representation of the possible issue.

Example 1)


It will generate the public address : RQDnU5hNphjQUPFz8SZaph6W7FQbgmctYv

Now I will enter some extra characters Seed = INCORRECTSEED/WIF

This incorrect Seed will generate the address : RFtUJwDPykLXV6dnsn5jBw1Kq1MX5Kop5B

Example 2)

Other case with extra spaces can happen the same situation.

           __Tree..........................chair = Seed X

           Tree..........................chair__= Seed Y

           Tree..............................chair= Correct Seed.

As shown above an extra space __ at the beginning or end of the seed will create a different hash and this will  provoke you entering an incorrect seed. The correct seed will make the correct hash that will let you enter into your wallet.

Make sure there are no errors like this in your seed and you should be ok.

Unable to see other coins In Agama like BCH, Hush, etc

You need to activate advanced features to activate and see Non-Komodo asset coins.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Settings > App config > check toggle Enable advanced features
  • Save Config and restart your wallet

Transaction was rejected by network tools : 64 Dust

When you have a very small chunks of UTXO's In your address and when sending larger transactions you will end up with above Message In SPV mode. To overcome

  •  Please send small amounts of your funds to your self address in order to create Large UTXO's and then send transactions to Others.
  •  Or Open Agama  native mode and activate experimental features, To go to tools and  Merge UTXOs, This will help to resolve Issue quickly.

Transactions are being rejected by the network rules :  Can't Broadcast transaction

 This happens due to Clock Time error, i.e., You might have set your clock time incorrectly according to local Timezone. Please prefer below Link for detailed Info

Clock Time error Documentation


When sending z-transactions we get this error. Please help to rescan your wallet. This will fix issue.

When working on private transactions(z-transactions),  If you want send funds in larger amounts it fails to merge smaller zutxos which are there in your wallet. To overcome this, you need send funds in smaller amounts. 

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.