This guide will show you how to choose a custom folder and select it as the main Komodo directory for your native asset chains.

By doing this you are selecting a new directory where basically your wallet.dat and configuration file will be stored.

Settings App Config (Directory set up)

First please create a clean folder in the directory you wish to use. (Name it Komodo preferably)

Copy the file directory path by double clicking on the path in your file explorer.

( On Mac you should use the Finder and click on the gear image and click on Copy as pathname option)

Go to Settings and Appconfig and copy the path of the directory on the blank space next to Komodo Data Directory.

Now click on save and close the settings config window. ( You can open it again to verify the changes)

After this is recommended to restart the wallet and you should be able to see the Native chains already  having their folders created on the selected  directory.