Monaize's assetchain will have many types of wallets. Currently, there is an SPV and native client. This guide will give you a step-by-step overview of how to install the Monaize native wallet.

Step-by-step guide

  • Unzip the file, and double click the Monaize wallet

  • After the wallet opens, it will start downloading and verifying proving keys.

  • Once the wallet loads, it will begin synchronization


  • Navigate to the "OWN ADDRESSES" tab

  • Notice the options to create a new address

  • Funds will reflect once wallet is synchronized.

Exporting Privatekeys and Backing up Wallet.dat File

A privatekey allows you to spend funds in it's relative address. One Monaize address has one privatekey. If you have funds in multiple addresses, it's recommended to backup your wallet.dat file which holds all the privatekeys in your wallet.

  • Navigate to %appdata% directory

  • Double click "Komodo".

  • Copy wallet.dat file and save it in a secure USB or drive. Since this is a native wallet, we recommend backing up your wallet.dat each time you make a transaction. You can create change addresses when making transactions.

Exporting Privatekeys

  • Navigate to "Own Addresses" Tab

  • Right click the address you want to export. Select "Export privatekey" or CTRL+O

  • Copy the privatekey and keep it safe. It starts with a "U".

You can import your privatekey/wallet.dat into a non-gui or gui client and recover your funds. If you lose access to your privatekeys, you could lose access to your funds