Agama gives you the option to run a full node or use SPV (lite) mode. SPV uses Komodo Electrum servers to provide a lite client and does not require you to download the full blockchain.

Step-by-step guide

  • Launch Agama in KMD Lite mode

  • Start KMD Lite and Create a new Seed/Passphrase.

Copy the seed passphrase with the copy button as showed below.

  • Click Register and Login with your new seed/passphrase. Take note of your new address and deposit funds.

  • Always keep your wallet seed safe!

 Next proceed to generate Private keys from Komodo Lite Mode

  • Go to Settings

  • Now select Export Keys >  After Key In Passphrase, Click on Get Wif keys



Warning: Backup your passphrase/seed! If an attacker gets hold of your seed, your funds will be at risk.

For wallet safety tips: How to secure my seed and privatekeys