Agama 2.34 and above is equipped with an encrypt wallet function. It allows you to save an encrypted file in your local drive that stores your seed. This seed storage mechanism prevents users from inputting their seed each time they login. Additionally, users can save the encrypted PIN file and use it on another machine.

Video Tutorial:

Step by Step

  • Press the "Activate coin" button.

  • Open Agama in Lite (SPV) mode

  • Select Create New Wallet

  • Once you are presented with the seed, you must copy it and verify it by writing it again in the empty space below the seed. Additionally, we recommend that you continue using the encrypt the seed option as default.

Encrypt Pin file is mandatory.

  • Add the encryption password and verify it. Afterwards, toggle the PIN NAME button in order to give our profile a custom name. Reminder: If you lose your encryption password you will lose access to your seed. Make sure it's backed up.
  • Add the custom name of the profile. In this example we will name it PINFILE. Then click REGISTER

  • After clicking register you will be presented with the dashboard. Select the pin name you created, type your password, and click sign in.
  • Inside the wallet you will notice your Public Address. Save it, this is where you will send funds.
  • To access your seed, privatekey, and public address again you an navigate to the settings tab.

  • Select EXPORT KEYS, then you will be given the option to type your password. Afterwards click GET SEED AND WIF.

  • Now you can save the privatekey and seed. Close the wallet once you're finished.

  • Now you are finished! The next step is to save the encrypted file were your seed is located. Below is the location of the file depending on your OS. You can simply copy the file and save it into a usb or offline device. This will allow you to restore your wallet. Agama and the new paper wallet have a decryption function in the TOOLS bar for offline access.

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Agama/shepherd/pin

WINDOWS: %appdata% → Roaming →  Agama → shepherd → pin

LINUX: ~/.agama/shepherd/pin/

Always save a copy of your seed and store your pin file safely. This provides you various ways of restoring your wallet.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.