Agama Launch Parameters

When running Agama in Native mode, it can be started with specific launch parameters which will trigger certain actions if needed. The options available are:

  • None: Agama will start normally, which is the default if you use a coin shortcut to launch Agama.
  • Background process: Agama will start with the  Komodo daemon running in the background through the command line.
  • Reindexing blocks from disk: This parameter rebuilds the blockchain. The block data you have on disk will be checked and if any blocks are corrupted they will be downloaded and replaced.
  • Rescan: Agama will check your blockchain data on disk and scan it for any unspent transactions. It has to be done after importing private keys, and can help resolve stuck transactions.
  • Gen: Agama will launch the daemon in CPU mining mode (not recommended for coins which are normally mined with a GPU). 
  • Regtest: A local testing environment in for developers to create private satoshis with no real-world value for testing events.

To access and select the launch parameters, load Agama in Native Mode.

Select the coins you want to load (a green bar to the left will indicate selection), then click on params to set the launch parameters for each daemon.

After selecting the desired launch parameter, click Confirm to return to the coin selection screen, then click Activate to load your selected coin daemons.

This will return you to the coin selection screen, with a green background behind the "Params" text in the top right corner of selected coin. Repeat the above process for any other selected coins you needs  parameters set, then click Activate to launch your selected coins.

Rescanning and reindexing can take a few hours to complete, (though it is faster than downloading the blockchain from scratch). If you are in a hurry, you can always use Lite mode instead by importing your private key.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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