Start Agama in Native Mode, Generate a New Address and Export Private Keys (WIF)

Follow the guide carefully to learn how to create new transparent or private address and export their private keys (WIF) to backup or use later or use with another computer.

Step 1: Launch Agama and click on Add native coin button

Step 2: First select the coins you want to load by clicking on them (selected coins will have a green bar on the left hand side). Optionally, click on params to set the daemon launch parameters, then click Activate to load the coins.

Step 3: Once your wallet started and finished syncing, click on the Receive button

Step 4: Click on Get New Address and select either Transparent Address or Private (z) Address depending on your needs and what your chosen coin supports. 

Step 5: Click on 3-dots in front of any transparent or private address and click on copy priv key (WIF) to copy the private key in your clipboard. You should save it in a notepad and keep it somewhere safe.

Based on the addresses above here are the private keys of both Transparent and Private address:

Address: RGuf8aJd6uoCyP2ZctR2C1STNKVaFyRfJK

Priv Key: UsuwfdgSuFMDE15jQaZAn5y9c2E7VH9crw2qV8aoxgz6YxE8B5xY

Address: zs1n94sncr3xvvg7g6emdsh6wcrfhxxwrpmyefnjlnsg8n0337g8x3hytnma4xv9xzdaf8sx907034

Priv Key: secret-extended-key-main1qwmhtg6qqqqqpqyh7dzyen5jlmacfyypgcej6h7kct90jgt6fvsvhspugxf2hddy5mht5mdnf0jyhk46kw50fr3h0valucn6c06344r6cpd3p7vn8lqspcpcqyrc0v428tmhy97hv8xe9a22mp7l7m9rymf53qv0cze5ftgqk9j98c8tcn39l65r8krddyv56kq7jhf523ax5wkqjl5atlwyvrwsxpdfw5sldfl8jk29tsqcpde4qkqs8zgz24zh7yg5c92x9ddxjac2ceyam

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