Downloading Agama

Check to get the latest version of Agama. For Linux there is both a portable compressed (.xz) version and a Debian (.deb) package installer version.

Installing Agama Debian (.deb) package

  • Double click the .deb file to open the installer and then click the Install button. 

  • The installer will ask for your password to authenticate, and then begin installing Agama.

Alternative method:

  • Open a new terminal window and navigate to the directory of your downloaded .deb file, then execute the follow command to install Agama. Make sure to change the file name according to the version you downloaded.
## Make sure the version number below is changed to the latest one you just downloaded  

sudo dpkg -i Agama_linux_installer_0.3.4.deb

Extracting Agama Portable (.xz)


Open a Terminal console window and Install the following dependencies by entering the command below before installing, or running the portable version.

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 libgconf-2-4

  • Download Portable Linux compressed archive from the Komodo Wallet download page 
  • In Terminal. navigate to the folder you downloaded into, and extract the .xz file 
    (change the filename below to match the version your are downloading)
  • Now navigate into the folder the files were extracted into, and run Agama
## Make sure the version number below is changed to the latest one you just downloaded  
tar -xf Agama_linux_portable_0.3.4a.tar.xz
cd Agama-0.3.4-a

  • You may also be able to launch Agama by double clicking the extracted executable file 

Uninstall Agama:

Before uninstalling Agama always make sure to backup your wallet.dat. You should also backup your private keys and wallet seed.

Agama versions 0.3.x

Use the following command in Terminal console.

sudo dpkg -r agama

Agama versions 0.2.x

Note: If you have a previous installation of Agama in your computer, uninstall the old version first. Use the following command in a terminal and follow the Uninstall wizard.

cd /opt/AgamaApp
sudo ./Uninstall-Agama

If you face issues with the commands above to uninstall, follow the below steps:

  •   Step 1: Open Terminal
  •   Step 2: Delete ini file with sudo command: 
sudo rm /etc/SuperNETOrg-AgamaApp.ini
  •   Step 3: sudo command will ask for usernames password.
  •   Step 4: once deleted try installing Agama from installer again

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.