Step-by-step guide

Follow the steps to install the Agama on Linux operating system

  • Note: Install the following dependencies before beginning installation

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 libgconf-2-4 libcurl3

  Portable :

       Instructions : 

  •  Download Portable Linux binary from Download Link
  •  Extract the zip file to your Source Directory
  •  Run Agama Executable file from extracted directory

   Installer :

  • Download Installer Linux binary from Download Link
  • Extract Zip file to source directory
  • Run Agama App by double clicking or from the command line.

chmod 755

  • Select Language options (13  - English)
  • Accept the License
  • Select Installation directory (default: /opt/AgamaApp) – reconfirm selection
  • Yes, To begin the setup
  • Now Setup Is ready  to Launch Agama App

Reinstallation : --Please remove "ini" file, in order to proceed with reinstallation on Agama Installer mode.
rm /etc/SuperNETOrg-AgamaApp.ini

Video Link :

Additional Information:

  • You can now interact with the command line interface (cli) from inside Agama by navigating to "settings" then "CLI".
  • Type "help" in the cli window, then click execute to see the list of all known commands. 
  • Jumblr is activated 

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