Installing Agama

1. Download the latest Dmg file:

2. In Finder select the Downloads folder and double click the Agama dmg file.

3. You might receive an "Unidentified developer warning. In this case right-click on the Agama .dmg file, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

4. Drag Agama icon to the Applications folder as shown below.

5. Done! Now you can start Agama from Launchpad or the Applications folder.

If you need to update to the latest verison, you can download the newest .dmg file and simply replace the old one by following the same procedure. 

You can also erase the old Agama app file directly from the Applications folder.

Uninstalling Agama

In order to uninstall Agama from MacOS manually:

1. Open Terminal

2. Delete ini file with sudo command: 

sudo rm /etc/SuperNETOrg-AgamaApp.ini

3. Sudo command will ask for logged in OSx username's password

4. Once deleted try installing Agama from installer again, if needed

Important guides and related information: 

- How to backup your wallet.dat;

- Learn how to export your private keys

- A guide on creating a new wallet and encrypting your seed in Lite mode;

- Generating a new address and exporting your keys in Native mode.

If you need further support, please submit a ticket here  or contact us in our discord in the support channel.

If running a native wallet, always backup your wallet.dat and privatekeys!

If running SPV wallet, backup your seed!