Step-by-step guide on SPV/Lite Mode

Use and Backup Native Mode


  • Extract files.

  • Run Agama Installer.

  • Uninstall prompt will popup if you had a previous version. Select install if it's your first time installing. If you had a previous version, select "Reinstall current version" to remove the previous installation and install the updated wallet. 

  • After install is complete, wait for synchronization to complete.

  • Import your privatekeys or passphrase and wait for rescan.

  • Backup your wallet.dat file by copying and pasting it in a reachable folder. 
    • Format: cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo/wallet.dat ~/YourChosenDirectory/
    • Example: cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo/wallet.dat ~/Desktop/

Additional Information:

  • You can now interact with the command line interface (cli) from inside Agama by navigating to "settings" then "CLI".
  • Type "help" in the cli window, then click execute to see the list of all known commands. 
  • Jumblr is activated in version 2.0.24

If running a native wallet, always backup your wallet.dat and privatekeys! | If running SPV wallet, backup your seed!