Step-by-Step guide

1. Download the latest installer at:

2. Go to your Downloads directory, or the path where the installer was saved and double-click on the icon.

3. Run the Setup and select the installation language

4. Confirm the initiation of the Setup process

5. Read the License Agreement and accept the terms before proceeding. 

6. Use the default Installation directory or select a custom one.

7. (optional) If you already have an existing installation, select Re-install option, unless you want to delete the user data.

If there's no existing installation - proceed with default options. 

8. Click Next on the screen below.

9. Wait while Agama is being installed on your computer.

10. After the setup click Finish. Agama is now installed!

Important guides and related information: 

- How to backup your wallet.dat;

- Learn how to export your private keys

- A guide on creating a new wallet and encrypting your seed in Lite mode;

- Generating a new address and exporting your keys in Native mode.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

If running a native wallet, always backup your wallet.dat and privatekeys! | 

If running SPV wallet, backup your seed!