Swap is stuck at some stage and showing pending.

I didn't receive my alice payment back.

I didn't receive bob payment.


This can happen for multiple reasons. Don't panic! Funds are secure and you can get funds back depending on which stage the swap was. All you need is UUID of the stuck swap.

Wait for minimum 4 hours after your swap is stuck. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop HyperDEX
  2. Start HyperDEX
  3. Login using the same passphrase
  4. Go to the exchange page of the stuck swap (i.e.: BTC/KMD exchange page)
  5. Enter the following in the debug console using UUID from the stuck swap and hit Enter button in your keyboard and wait few minutes

We used f8b3d902d9c21ed0a2231ade8965f6f710d04953c27f00156e9a346550de1b20 as example UUID

_swapDB._getSwapData('f8b3d902d9c21ed0a2231ade8965f6f710d04953c27f00156e9a346550de1b20').then(data => data.messages.reduce((ids, msg) => {ids.requestid = msg.requestid || ids.requestid;ids.quoteid = msg.quoteid || ids.quoteid;return ids;}, {})).then(ids => {console.log(ids);_api.debug({method: 'kickstart', ...ids});});

Verify funds are back

Check your address on the explorer for the coins. List of Komodo and Assetchain Explorers.