How to know the sizes of UTXOs that are currently available for your address

After some trades are done, to know the available UTXOs and their values:

  • Browse to the directory mentioned below. (If you are using the nightly version you will have to check the directory HyperDEX Nightly instead of HyperDEX)

HyperDEX data dir (location)

Linux: ~/.config/HyperDEX/marketmaker/DB/UNSPENTS

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/HyperDEX/marketmaker/DB/UNSPENTS 

Windows : %appdata%\HyperDEX\marketmaker\DB\UNSPENTS 

Or you can click the "Debug" menu in the HyperDEX App and click on "Show App Data" as shown below:

In that directory browse to marketmaker → DB → UNSPENTS. 

In the directory UNSPENTS:

  • You will find a text file named BEER_<public-address>  i.e., for a coin named BEER and a public address RVcuGuDPLgpZRsfmDzSjcX3qcyJWjbsVtW, the file name would be : BEER_RVcuGuDPLgpZRsfmDzSjcX3qcyJWjbsVtW. Once you open it you will find your UTXOs listed.
  • The file may look as follows:

The above address has 3 UTXOs. The only data important to us is the "value:" attribute. The actual value can be found by placing the decimal point eight places from the right. So in the first UTXO, "value":448899993550 means that the UTXO has 4488.99993550 BEER in it.

You can use an online JSON formatter like: to understand the contents of the above file better.

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