How to install HyperDEX

Download HyperDEX

  • Select the latest HyperDEX release for your operating system.

    macOS 10.9+, Linux, and Windows 7+ are supported (64-bit only).

For macOS, follow this guide - 

Download the .dmg file.

For Linux, follow this guide - 

Download the .AppImage (recommended), .snap, .deb, or .rpm file.

The AppImage needs to be made executable after download.

For Windows, follow this guide - 

Download the .exe file.

Beta Testing HyperDEX

HyperDEX is under ongoing development. To assist with testing, please use the Beta testing HyperDEX guide.

Keep in mind that HyperDEX is still in beta, and there may be a risk of lost funds.

Only trade in real currency with small amounts, if you are comfortable with the risk.

We recommend trading with the free test currencies BEER and PIZZAYou can get free BEER at the BEER faucet.

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