How to Buy on HyperDEX

##Only use HyperDEX with Test coins. The full launch is in July. Beer and Pizza coins are distributed in faucets: Use HyperDEX with real funds at your own risk.

After you have created your trading portfolio and funded your trading address you are ready for action.

  • Open HyperDEX Dapp

  • Login and Navigate to the Dashboard

  • On the left hand panel, select the Exchange tab

  • In the exchange dashboard you will now be able to select the coin pair you want to trade. In this example, we will select OOT/KMD

  • In a few moments you will see the trades that are available

  • Select the order you wish to execute. Notice that when you click an order the price will autopopulate

  • Now input the amount you want to buy. Make sure the amount does not exceed the maximum volume of the order you selected. Then click Buy and you will see the new order in the middle of the dashboard.

  • HyperDEX trades are powered by atomic swaps. That means you must wait for the order to Match, and then confirm. This process takes 3-10 minutes depending on the coin pair you are trading.

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