When using the HyperDEX for the first time you will be prompted with the option to create a new wallet and trading portfolio. 

##Only use HyperDEX with Test coins. The full launch is in July. Beer and Pizza coins are distributed in faucets: www.atomicexplorer.com. Use HyperDEX with real funds at your own risk.

  • Open HyperDEX Dapp

  • Click the " + " Button

  • Select Create New Portfolio

  • Give your portfolio a new name and select the password. Your seed will be encrypted locally and your password will allow you to login without the need of pasting the seed.

  • You will now be presented with your seed. Take note of it and make a backup. Note: If you lose access to your seed you will not be able to retrieve your funds.

  • Next you are asked to confirm your seed by typing it into the empty box.

  • Once your seed is confirmed you will receive a Welcome message and you will be presented with the dashboard screen.

  • Select the coin you want to deposit.

  • Take note of your Trading Address. Deposit the funds you want to use for trading and wait for at least one confirmation before you begin.

  • Your balance will be updated on the dashboard when the transaction is broadcasted. Now you're ready to move onto Atomic swaps!