You can use this method to get private key of any BarterDEX supported coin using your seed passphrase.

Warning: This method will not work for ETH/ERC20 token!


  1. Latest BarterDEX GUI
  2. Your 12 or 24 words seed passphrase
  3. Userpass value (check Step 2 below)

Step 1: Start BarterDEX GUI

Launch BarterDEX GUI and log in using any passphrase

Step 2: Get userpass value

Use CTRL+SHIFT+I or click on View > Toggle Developer Tools to get the userpass value which is required to pass any command to marketmaker. Copy the userpass value to use in the next step.

Step 3: Prepare JSON payload

Edit the following line of code with your own parameters. Enter the userpass value you got from Step 2. Replace your seed passphrase with your own 12 or 24 words seed passphrase and change the coin symbol from BTC to the one that you need. i.e.: LTC or DGB etc.

{"userpass":"84ab4040d80fd4075ccf04059cae1d500dd775413ec8aa87de0a132953111804","method":"calcaddress","passphrase":"your seed phasphrase","coin":"BTC"}

Step 4: Go to debug screen

Click Debug from the top-right corner to get the debug screen.

Step 5: Execute the JSON command to get the private key of your desired coin

  1. Enter the JSON command that you made in Step 3 into the Payload box. To do that, copy the command and right-click inside Payload box and select Paste.
  2. Click on Execute button to get your Private Key (WIF) in the Response area.

You can import the private key (WIF key) to the native wallet of the respective coin. You can also use the private key or passphrase to login into Agama Lite mode for the coin and access your funds.