Timelocked 0conf deposits provides security and faster swap completes. For example, users have to wait 3 block confirmations for assets. Having 0conf deposits allow users to skip the waiting time. Thus swap experience becomes faster. You need to have the txid of that deposit in order to get back your deposited funds. As long as you have the txid, you can follow this guide to claim them back after the expiry date. In case, if you lost it, the following guide will help you to find your 0conf deposit transaction ID.

  • Go to https://dexstats.info/finddeposit.php
  • In the search box enter your KMD Address to see if there are any unclaimed 0conf deposit transactions.
  • You can Download the Coresponding InstantDex File on the Right.
  • The above website doesn't check if the locktime is over. It only checks if there are unclaimed 0conf deposit transactions on the blockchain once a day.
  • Follow the manual 0conf deposit claim guide to get back your deposits.

The process of finding your transaction id: