Adding ERC20 tokens in BarterDEX is very easy. We just need some information about the token.


  • approve and transferFrom methods are must for the swaps to work
  • Contract address
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Name of the token
  • CoinMarketCap name (for the autoprice with CMC to work)
  • Token Logo
  • Some tokens for testing
  • rpcport is same for all tokens in BarterDEX

The following is an example using OmiseGo (OMG)

  "coin": "OMG",
  "name": "omisego",
  "fname": "OmiseGo",
  "etomic": "0xd26114cd6EE289AccF82350c8d8487fedB8A0C07",
  "rpcport": 80

Once the information is gathered, please contact us via email or at #etomic channel in our Discord in order to add the information to the BarterDEX and to perform the required test atomic swaps to make sure it performs properly. 

You can send some tokens to test to the following BarterDEX test engineers. After the testing is completed :