Adding a coin to the BarterDEX is as simple as writing one line of code if your coin is a Bitcoin compatible. Below is a breakdown of the information needed from the source code and coin parameters. The first step is to gather all the information below and contact our specialists for review. 

Coin Spec

The proposed coin must support the following API calls and must have BIP65 implemented.


Information Required

Coin Ticker: LTC
Coin Name: litecoin

rpcport: 9332
pubtype: 48
taddr: 0
p2shtype: 50
wiftype: 176
txfee: 1000000
active: 1

Json Output Example:

{\"coin\":\"LTC\", \"name\": \"litecoin\", \"active\":1, \"rpcport\":9332,\"pubtype\":48, \"p2shtype\":50, \"wiftype\":176, \"txfee\":100000}

   *For taddr 1 means yes and 0 means no and it refers to the coin having transparent and zaddresses. Mostly this is for zcash forks.

Search for the information on Github

All of the information and parameters are contained within but not limited to these files (depends on your coin):



**For ETH compatibles follow this guide: How to submit new ERC20 Tokens in BarterDEX

Additional Information

  • Lead developer's Github account:
  • Bitcointalk Account:
  • Information about the team and purpose of the coin:
  • Social Media Accounts

Once the information is gathered, please contact us via email at and request a coin addition. Provide us with all the relevant information and our specialists will get in touch.