This guide is to be followed when you have coins of a non-Komodo ecosystem Blockchain in a BarterDEX smartaddress and you are not able to access those funds through BarterDEX for any reason. (For Komodo Ecosystem coins and coins supported on Agama, simply use your BarterDEX seed in Agama and Login)

  • Download the latest version of Agama wallet from here: 
  • If this is your first time using Agama, just generate a seed and login. (This seed is not important for the rest of this guide) Guides: INSTALL AGAMA, SPV/LITE MODE
  • Then either follow the instructions in the below video (replacing the coin required where Bitcoin is in the video) or read along this guide.  

  • After Logging in to Agama, go to Settings → App Config and toggle Enable advanced features and click on Save app Config. After that, do a Complete Logout and Restart Agama as shown in the gif below

  • After Restarting Agama, you will see a tab named Tools beside the wallets tab. Click on it and select the option Seed to Key pair. Select the coin from the drop-down menu and enter the seed corresponding to the BarterDEX smartaddress that has the funds you need to access. (Not the seed generated by Agama) . Then click on Get WIF.

  • The WIF (Private Key) and Pub (Public Key) corresponding to the seed entered are displayed. Verify that the PubKey is same as the smartaddress you had in BarterDEX for this particular coin. If it matches, then you can copy the WIF (Private Key) and import it into a wallet that is maintained by the coin Developers of that coin and access the funds. 
  • You can monitor our announcement channels to check if the issue with BarterDEX has been resolved and get back to trading again after that.
  • For any queries, contact us through our support channel on Discord. Discord Invite: