Instructions :

  • Make sure you have BarterDEX GUI is running
  • You need to have KMD running in Native mode for the creation of deposit.youraddress binary file. You can claim using either Native or Electrum mode.
  •  Go to BarterDEX folder Appdata directory. Make sure you have taken a backup of the DB dir and its contents.

    Windows  C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/BarterDEX/DB
    Linux        ~/.BarterDEX/DB
    MacOS    ~/Library/Application /Support/BarterDEX/DB
  • If you have somehow lost the instantdex_youraddress.json file follow this guide.
  • In DB folder you will find the required files. Delete the desposits.youraddress file. And keep these files to edit, the instantdex_youraddress.json file and instantdex_youraddress_append.json file.

  •  If In case these files are deleted, No problem you can create them manually. Put same content in both files

    Example : –
    Note: You need to key In your txid of Deposit which one can fetch from Explorer.
    for single deposit (works on Linux and Windows)
    for Two or more deposits (only use in Linux.)
    ["3e0826e7771a85466ad2cc0217a9068e6c32c3452de113cbddc54339c97756c7", "5b4313a6c6cdb34294d563a215e1912b2828aa2b521327b4d524340846fb6333"]

  •  Click on exchange. Use Speed Mode Settings > CLAIM DEPOSIT

  •  Check your KMD address in block explorer or your wallet for claimed funds.