Instructions :

  • Make sure you have BarterDEX GUI is running
  • You need to have KMD running in Native mode for the creation of deposit.youraddress binary file. You can claim using either Native or Electrum mode.
  •  Go to BarterDEX folder Appdata directory. Make sure you have taken a backup of the DB dir and its contents.

    Windows  C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/BarterDEX/DB
    Linux        ~/.BarterDEX/DB
    MacOS    ~/Library/Application /Support/BarterDEX/DB
  • If you have somehow lost the instantdex_youraddress.json file follow this guide.
  • In DB folder you will find the required files. Delete the deposits.youraddress file. make sure to keep these files to edit, the instantdex_youraddress.json file and instantdex_youraddress_append.json file.

  •  In case these files are deleted, you can create them manually. Put same content in both files

    Example : –
    Note: You need to key In your Deposit tx_id which can be fetched from Explorer.
    for single deposit (works on Linux and Windows)
    for Two or more deposits (only use in Linux.)
    ["3e0826e7771a85466ad2cc0217a9068e6c32c3452de113cbddc54339c97756c7", "5b4313a6c6cdb34294d563a215e1912b2828aa2b521327b4d524340846fb6333"]

  •  Click on Exchange. Use Speed Mode Settings > CLAIM DEPOSIT

  •  Check your KMD address in block explorer or your wallet for claimed funds.